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Your Sister!

22 February
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We have the bomb! We have the bomb!

Don't drop the bomb!

Too late!

I knew that you would do that

Too late!
alexisonfire, alkaline trio, alternative press, american beauty, animals and joe, atheism, ayin, bass guitar, being a pussy, ben folds, big gay al, boston, boston bruins, boston celtics, boston red sox, bram stoker, brand new, bullshit!, cake, calvin and hobbes, cashews, charlie brown, che, city wok, coheed & cambria, comedy central, cover bands, cream soda, cross country, curb your enthusiasm, curly hair, dan andriano, dane cook, dave barry, dave chappelle, dead bunnies, death cab for cutie, defiance ohio, derek grant, donkeys, dracula, drew, dsl, dupont manual, electric guitar, eric cartman, ernest hemingway, espn, family guy, flowers and cops, frank sinatra, gatorade, giant laser cannon, grand theft auto, granny crafts, hair, hairy feet, happy trails, harvey birdman, hay snap, html, identity, jaco pastorius, james joyce, jatherhl, john edwards, joni mitchell, kenny mccormick, kevin spacey, kids in the hall, kyle broflovski, lacrosse, leopold stotch, louisville, louisville music, magic shell, making out, marvin gaye, massachusetts, masturbation, math, matt skiba, matt stone, mccoy tyner, memento, modest mouse, monica lewinsky, mono, morrissey, mr. garrison, murder, my chemical romance, new england patriots, nipples, nri, oatmeal cream pies, old men, pirates, pocket bomb, poop, pulp fiction, pumas, reeces, rodeo jones, saturday night live, saves the day, scarves, shaving, six feet under, south park, spongebob squarepants, st. francis, stan marsh, stephen lynch, stewie, sunny day real estate, super mario bros, syracuse, taking back sunday, teachers, tetris, the highlands, the mars volta, the merediths, the smiths, the sopranos, the who, the writing scar, tim o'brien, tom wolfe, toothpaste for dinner, travel sick, trey parker, tube socks, two minutes lost, vibrato, water, weather report, weezer, william faulkner, yamaha